Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a Fish in my coffee!

In the enchanted poinciana-shaded glades of the Hotel Brunswick garden little trippy things are welcome to happen. It took several minutes of delighted appreciation and a couple more of agonising before I could bring myself to dissolve this masterpiece of piscatorial ephemera (thankfully my husband had his phone with him and took a photo, or I might be there still).

My mother, visiting from cooler climes, was similarly impressed with (although less compunct in getting down to the business of drinking) her frangipani-topped cup.

Not in any way related to vintage fabrics of course, but thanks to Nadia for not being afraid to express her happy spirit and for weaving a sparkling thread into the fabric of our day :)

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  1. Now how does it go... oh yes... "You're the bream in my coffee.."


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