Saturday, March 17, 2012

Make It Sew

I stumbled upon this unquestionably wonderful piece of embroidery recently - it was captioned, quite rightly, "Set Phasers on Stunning" - and fell to romanticising about people clever enough, and passionate enough, to pay homage to Star Trek in textile form. I didn't go down the "why Carmen Miranda headdresses" path though, for who am I to question art?

Okay so in villa Silver Visions, Thursday nights are inviolate bastions of Next Generation viewing. If one of us has to be out that night, they expect a scene-by-scene recount the next morning. We'll fondly discuss plot points over the intervening week, but it kind of stops there. I've never considered undertaking a Star Trek craft project, and I think I can say that my true love hasn't either (though maybe he could write a song about them). But I'm so glad that there are people out there who felt compelled to share the joy, and picked up a needle - be it sewing, tapestry or knitting....

A pair of spocks!

Phaser embroidery (love the sound effect)

I admit that the quilts scare me a little, mostly because of the hours/days/weeks/months of work which must go into them (which is why all quilts intimidate me) - also because I don't think I'd necessarily sleep that well beneath any Enterprise personnel. But I do love this threadwork giving the effect of transporter beams....

And so, on to the Next Generation:


charming simplicity - brilliant colour choice

And my personal favourite....



  1. Aren't they grand?! And I just found this on Pinterest - not a textile but have to admire the term "rock out with your Spock out":


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