Friday, March 14, 2014

What's Knot to Love?

'Macramé decor' is a slim treasurehouse of highly questionable 1977 creativity.  One glance at the cover is all it takes to know that this is something special - alongside the 'Classic Lantern Lamp' and 'Bolster' is 'Desert Dunes', a woven landscape wall hanging betokening the publication's roots in Phoenix, Arizona.

Macramé Decor opens up undreamed of possibilities by introducing macramé into every room of the home, and having it serve previously unimagined purposes.

'Guest Closet' provides a groovy and functional focal point for the spare room.  It seems to have a horizontal mirror doing duty as a shelf for toiletries.  Presumably the guest is tall enough to crane over the mirror with their neck bent at a 90 degree angle, or isn't bothered by tipping their things on to the floor every time they want to check their appearance.  I find it endearing that the designer envisaged a visiting male:

         a) figuring out what this is for 

         b) utilising it

'Daisy Seat Cover' and 'Scarf' - I'm sorry, I must have misread that.  A scarf?  As in, accessorise to match your toilet seat cover?  But perhaps they mean a coy little cover for the top of the cistern.  Or a tiny mat that goes up to the base of the bowl?

'Rya Towel Bar', 'Rya Tissue Box'.  All items are primarily white, of course - because if you're of a mind to create macramé pieces for the bathroom you're going to want them to show every trace of...oh, never mind.

'Daisy Mirror' and 'Mock Tiffany Lamp'.

That's not just mockery, that's blatant ridicule.

'Smile Calendar' - because Smirk Calendar With Impenetrable Gaze didn't sound so marketable.

'Clowning Around Your Switchplate' - see Justifiable Coulrophobia.


'Victorian Lace Lamp', 'Magazine Rack'.

There's nothing left to say.

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  1. The clown looks rather offended. Maybe he wanted to be the toilet seat cover.


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